Here are the latest picutures - Updated 01/18/10.
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Our update starts on the Fourth of July. You got to love fireworks that contain a warning in their name.
Here are the boys helping set up the display for the night's show. Each year we go over to our good friends, the Lanetti's, (Karen, Len, David, and Matt) for a July 4th party.
We always wind up with some smoke bombs in our fireworks packages. This of course is under close adult supervision. :)
Bryce and David setting up for the evening's fireworks display.
Always keep your adult beverage away from the flames.
For the past few summers, Andrea and the boys have gone up to Buffalo to visit her family, and then trekked to Detroit to visit with her sister. Here is Bryce lounging in Uncle John's pool.
Jimmy got some pool lounge time in as well.
In Buffalo...they're just called "wings".
When they go to Detroit, they always make a trip to a local area called Frankenmuth. That's their cousin Connie next to the nutcracker.
Grandma and Jimmy waiting for lunch.
Bryce and Grandma.
You can't go to Buffalo without a trip to Niagra Falls (...slowly I turned). Here's Grandma and the boys.
This is a cool picture with the American Falls in the foreground and the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls in the background. Seems like you can almost reach out and touch the water.
Andrea, Grandma, and the boys at the Falls.
Bryce straddling the border on the Rainbow Bridge, which is just a little bit downstream from the Falls.
Jimmy stradling the border.
They walked across the Rainbow Bridge into Canada. Here's Bryce in Jimmy in that foreign land.
Classic t-shirts. Now that's good parenting!!
In August Jimmy and I went on his school's 5th grade "science" trip to Florida (KSC, Disney, and the Tampa Museum of Science). Here's Jimmy in front of a T-38 at the Kennedy Space Center.
Jimmy in front of the "meatball".
Jimmy standing next to astronaut Snoopy at KSC's Rocket Park.
Here's a sight that won't be seen much longer. The Shuttle is on the pad getting ready for launch.
We stopped at Gatorland in Orlando.
Jimmy is holding the evening's supper.
This is @ Epcot (Test Track). Yes, it is a scary sight seeing the kid behind the wheel.
Here's the obligatory picture with Cinerella's Castle in the background.
The Stunt Car Show was extremely cool.
Later in August we took a quick family vacation to Ocean City, MD just before school started.
One of our favorite things to do on the beach is to make these "drip" castles.
It wouldn't be a Griffiths family vacation without a hurricane being nearby. I forget which one was out in the Atlantic at this time, but it was creating some wickedly cool huge waves.
My mother and I at our Labor Day picnic.
Jimmy played some Fall Baseball this year. Good stance.
Taking a lead off first.
Every year before Halloween we go to a local farm called Milky Way Farms to go through their pumpkin patch and pick out our eventual jack-o-lanterns.
Of course, the real reason we go is the on-site creamery.
What a cute couple, eh?!?!
Jimmy digging in.
Jimmy's jack-o-lantern.
Andrea's went a little batty.
My pumpkin is a simple scary face.
Brcye went for the Pac-Man look.
This is Andrea and I on the day of our 15th (Crystal) Wedding Anniversary.
That was my present to her. It's a crystal picture frame with a photo from our Wedding Day.
Around Thanksgiving we went back to Buffalo to visit with Andrea's family. I love Uncle Tommy's "Polish Patio".
We always go to a local farm to cut down our Christmas Tree. Here I am bringing the tree into the house.
It's cool the way the farm wraps up the tree. They drill a hole in the bottom, and we have a stand that you place the tree on. Then you cut the string, and woooosh, the tree opens right up.
Puttign the lights on the tree. This tree was huge (hey, we have lots of decorations). We started calling it The Dominator, because it dominated the room.
Our tree decorating tradition is for Andrea to hand out the ornaments, and then we place them on the tree. Bryce is taking his turn.
Andrea handing out the ornaments.
Jimmy's looking for a spot.
We always finish with a picture of the boys in front of the tree. I'd like to see these side by side over the years to see how the kids are growing each year.
After a long day of cutting down and decorating Christmas trees, it's time for a nice warm soak in the hot tub (queue the '70s music).
Me and the boys always make chocolate covered peanut butter balls as our contribution to the Christmas cookies. (NOTE: THEY ARE NOT CALLED "BUCKEYES" IN MY HOUSE).
Dipping the peanut butter balls into the chocolate.
Beware of Ninja Vikings.
We had a pretty good assembly line going.
This year mother nature decided to dump 14 inches of snow on us for the same day as our annual Christmas open house. It was a nice light snow, so the leaf blower actually was easier to use than a shove.
No hot tub tonight.
Jimmy frolicking in the snow.
Jimmy frolicking in the snow.
Bryce and Jimmy trekking through the snow down to the stream that goes past our hosue.
Playing around in the snow down by the stream.
Lights on.
Lights off.
Christmas Eve is always the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Here we are making some pierogies.
The table is set for dinner. The Polish tradition has you setting an extra plate to remember family and friends that aren't present and in case an unexpected guest drops by.
We always let the kids open up one gift after Christmas Eve Mass. Bryce was excited to get his wireless mouse.
Me and Jimmy opening our gifts
Andrea was excited to get new slippers.
Christmas morning and the boys are opening their new .22 Ruger pistol.
Resistence is futile (if Ohms < 1).
Bryce got a cool titanium fork/spoon.
Jimmy loves Pi.
What happens in the holodeck, stays in the holodeck.
Jimmy loved his Eagles snuggie.
Jimmy got this "airzooka" which shoots a giant blast of air. It's actually pretty darn cool.
We made it up to my mom's house (Nanny's house) for Christmas Day. Jimmy still likes Pi.
Bryce, Jimmy, and their cousin (Kyle) opening up presents at Nanny's house.
We always have a birthday cake. Andrea's birthday is 12/30, my sister's (Deann's) is 12/26, and of course Jesus' is 12/25.
Here we're playing some Apples to Apples with Nanny in deep thought.
Anrea's birthday presents being opened. Her shirt is a "ferrous wheel". Get it?!?!
Andrea's birthday cake. She's 23 (celcius). :)
The boys made some Auntie Anne's pretzels. Yummmmmm!
And finally, here's Jimmy playing his cello during his winter orchestral concert. He and the group did a wonderful job. They sounded great.